What is RDMA used for?

Overview. Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) is an extension of the Direct Memory Access (DMA) technology, which is the ability to access host memory directly without CPU intervention. RDMA allows for accessing memory data from one host to another.
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Where is RDMA used?

It is particularly useful when analyzing big data, in supercomputing environments that process applications, and for machine learning that requires low latencies and high transfer rates. RDMA is also used between nodes in compute clusters and with latency-sensitive database workloads.
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What is RDMA in networking?

Remote Direct Memory Access(RDMA) is the access of memory of one computer by another in a network without involving either one's operating system, processor or cache.It improves throughput and performance of systems as it frees up many resources.
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Should I use RDMA?

As mentioned earlier, the advantage of using RDMA to other software based protocols is that you avoid the bottleneck of putting too many tasks on a CPU during data transfer. This is greatly advantageous when you're running large data sets or complex processes – a good example of such is machine learning.
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What is RDMA Microsoft?

Remote DMA (RDMA) is an incredible technology that allows networked hosts to exchange information with virtually no CPU overhead and with extremely little latency in the end-system.
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What is RDMA?

What is RDMA and how does it work?

In computing, remote direct memory access (RDMA) is a direct memory access from the memory of one computer into that of another without involving either one's operating system. This permits high-throughput, low-latency networking, which is especially useful in massively parallel computer clusters.
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What is RDMA in Linux?

Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) is a computer networking technology usually implemented over high-speed, low-latency networks (aka fabrics) which allows for direct access to a remote host's memory, dramatically reducing latency and CPU overhead.
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What is Oracle RDMA?

RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) • RDMA. ● Enables direct transfer from applications buffer on local node to application buffer. on the remote node without CPU involvement.
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Does RDMA use TCP?

iWARP: TCP-based RDMA network, which uses TCP to achieve reliable transmission. Compared with RoCE, on a large-scale network, a large number of TCP connections of iWARP occupy a large number of memory resources.
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How do I know if RDMA is enabled?

There are two options to do this: using the service file or using lsmod.
  1. Verify that RDMA kernel part is loaded using service file.
  2. Verify that RDMA kernel part is loaded using lsmod.
  3. Verify that RDMA devices are available.
  4. Verify that RDMA devices can be accessed.
  5. Send traffic using ibv_*_pingpong.
  6. Send traffic using rping.
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Who invented RDMA?

RDMA [1]: A short history of remote DMA networking. Cool factoid: RDMA was co-invented by Amazon's current CTO, Werner Vogels!
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What is NVMe RoCE?

NVMe over RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE)

It encapsulates the InfiniBand transport packet over Ethernet. Its solution provides the Link Level Flow Control mechanism to assure zero loss, even when the network is saturated. The RoCE protocol allows lower latencies than its predecessor, the iWARP protocol.
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What is InfiniBand used for?

InfiniBand is a channel-based fabric that facilitates high-speed communications between interconnected nodes. An InfiniBand network is typically made up of processor nodes, such as PCs, servers, storage appliances and peripheral devices. It also has network switches, routers, cables and connectors.
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What is HCA RDMA?

In order to use RDMA, a Network Interface Card(NIC) is required. This NIC implements RDMA engine. This is called Host Channel Adapter(HCA). The HCA creates a channel from RDMA engine to application memory as shown in ​Fig 1​.
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What are RDMA queue pairs?

RDMA communication is based on a set of three queues. The send queue and receive queue are responsible for scheduling work. They are always created in pairs. They are referred to as a Queue Pair(QP). A Completion Queue (CQ) is used to notify us when the instructions placed on the work queues have been completed.
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What is RoCEv2?

By Daniel Munteanu | RoCEv2 is poised for takeoff.

It enables efficient data movement at high throughput, low latency, and low CPU overhead, which also results in reduced power, cooling, and rack space requirements. Initially, RDMA was defined to work over InfiniBand network stacks and this hindered its adoption.
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What is RoCE iWARP?

RoCE is a standard protocol, which was built specifically with data center traffic in mind, with consideration paid to latency, performance, and CPU utilization. It performs especially well in virtualized environments. When a network runs over Ethernet, RoCE provides a superior solution compared to iWARP.
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What two types of workloads can benefit from cluster networking Rdma?

Artificial intelligence and big data workloads.
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Which three statements are correct about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compartments?

Which three statements are correct about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compartments? Compartments can have sub-compartments. Compartments can be used for authentication services. Compartments are logical entities.
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Which is an important consideration when choosing an Oracle cloud infrastructure region?

Which is an important consideration when choosing an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region? Choose the region that is in close proximity to end users for best performance.
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Are RDMA modules loaded?

The RDMA subsystem relies on the kernel, udev and systemd to load modules on demand when RDMA hardware is present. The RDMA subsystem is unique since it does not load the optional RDMA hardware modules unless the system has the rdma-core package installed.
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What is InfiniBand driver?

InfiniBand is a network architecture that is designed for the large-scale interconnection of computing and I/O nodes through a high-speed switched fabric. To operate InfiniBand on a Sun Blade 8000 Series Modular System, you need an InfiniBand HCA (the ExpressModule) and an InfiniBand software stack.
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What is mellanox Ofed?

Mellanox OFED (MLNX_OFED) is a Mellanox tested and packaged version of OFED and supports two interconnect types using the same RDMA (remote DMA) and kernel bypass APIs called OFED verbs – InfiniBand and Ethernet.
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Does RDMA use UDP?

Node-to-node communications with RDMA-capable Ethernet connections use TCP port 21455 for data traffic and UDP port 21451 and 21452 for service discovery on the system.
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Is InfiniBand a protocol?

Ethernet over InfiniBand, abbreviated to EoIB, is an Ethernet implementation over the InfiniBand protocol and connector technology.
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