What does ADHD brain feel like?

It feels like you're being attacked in all areas of your daily life -- like sounds, and lights, and sensory things can be overwhelming." Matlen is the author of Survival Tips for Women with ADHD.
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What happens in a ADHD brain?

ADHD brains have low levels of a neurotransmitter called norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is linked arm-in-arm with dopamine. Dopamine is the thing that helps control the brain's reward and pleasure center. The ADHD brain has impaired activity in four functional regions of the brain.
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How do you know if you truly have ADHD?

The only way to know for sure is to see a doctor. That's because the disorder has a number of possible symptoms, and they can easily be confused with those of other conditions, like depression or anxiety. Not sure whether you should get checked by a doc? If many of these apply, you may need to get checked out.
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What does severe ADHD look like?

People with strong hyperactive symptoms can talk and talk, or jump in when other people are speaking — unaware that they've cut someone else off or unable to help themselves. They might fidget, unable to control the urge to move their bodies.
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What inattentive ADHD feels like?

People with ADHD of the inattentive type have trouble paying attention to details, are easily distracted, often have trouble organizing or finishing tasks and often forget routine chores (such as paying bills on time or returning phone calls).
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Inside the adult ADHD brain

Does ADHD make you shy?

One type of this disorder is called ADHD Inattentive Type. This condition often is overlooked by parents, teachers and coworkers. Therefore, health care professionals often do not diagnose it until the person is older. Sometimes, individuals with ADHD Inattentive Type will be mischaracterized as shy or withdrawn.
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Does ADHD make you weird?

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

ODD is one of the most common disorders occurring with ADHD. ODD usually starts before 8 years of age, but can also occur in adolescents. Children with ODD may be most likely to act oppositional or defiant around people they know well, such as family members or a regular care provider.
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What is an ADHD meltdown?

Similarly, people with ADHD can also experience 'meltdowns' more commonly than others, which is where emotions build up so extremely that someone acts out, often crying, angering, laughing, yelling and moving all at once, driven by many different emotions at once – this essentially resembles a child tantrum and can ...
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How is ADHD a superpower?

Are ADHD Superpowers Real? There's been a lot of focus on the harmful symptoms of ADHD. Although there's less research on ADHD superpowers, people with ADHD report that they are more energetic, creative, courageous, and resilient than people without the condition.
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Does ADHD cause brain fog?

ADHD is one of several health conditions that can cause brain fog. Many ADHD symptoms mirror brain fog symptoms. Brain inflammation may be behind some of them. ADHD can also cause sleep disturbances that make brain fog worse.
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What does high functioning ADHD look like?

Getting easily stressed. Finding it hard to listen when someone else is talking. Struggling to remember things or follow directions. Having so many thoughts that it's hard to follow just one.
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What are the 3 main symptoms of ADHD?

The 3 categories of symptoms of ADHD include the following:
  • Inattention: Short attention span for age (difficulty sustaining attention) Difficulty listening to others. ...
  • Impulsivity: Often interrupts others. ...
  • Hyperactivity: Seems to be in constant motion; runs or climbs, at times with no apparent goal except motion.
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Do I have ADHD or am I just hyper?

Hyperactivity is a hallmark symptom of ADHD, but it's not the only symptom. If your child can't sit still — but she can focus, pay attention, manage time, and organize her thoughts — then the diagnosis may not be attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
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Can you see ADHD in a brain scan?

Brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be used to identify people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder from patients without the condition, according to a new study.
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Why are ADHD brains different?

The brain networks of people with ADHD may take more time to develop and be less effective at relaying certain messages, behaviors, or information. These brain networks may function differently in areas such as focus, movement, and reward.
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How can I calm my ADHD brain?

How to Relax Your ADHD Mind
  1. Take action — any action. ...
  2. Try to be more intentional with your thoughts. ...
  3. Dismiss the thoughts that do not serve you. ...
  4. Notice your triggers. ...
  5. Commit to what makes you feel best. ...
  6. Resisting isn't always the answer. ...
  7. Relax the body. ...
  8. Attend to your restlessness.
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Why ADHD is a gift?

"Children's sense of identity is not yet formed at the time of ADHD diagnosis. Reframing the disorder as a gift helps them define themselves by what is working, not by what isn't working." Kids with ADHD often have trouble in school. They can't sit still, and they have trouble focusing their attention on a single task.
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Why are people with ADHD so cool?

These may include hyperfocus, resilience, creativity, conversational skills, spontaneity, and abundant energy. Many people view these benefits as “superpowers” because those with ADHD can hone them to their advantage. People with ADHD have a unique perspective that others may find interesting and valuable.
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Why people with ADHD are awesome?

Living with ADHD may give the person a different perspective on life and encourage them to approach tasks and situations with a thoughtful eye. As a result, some with ADHD may be inventive thinkers. Other words to describe them may be original, artistic, and creative. Being hyperfocused.
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What does an ADHD breakdown look like?

Some people might suddenly feel blank and numb, unable to process information or even move. Others might experience sobbing or angry outbursts. All sorts of life events can contribute to a breakdown, from mental illness to losing one's job.
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What is an ADHD spiral?

You do something impulsive, or under stress. Instantly, you feel ashamed and embarrassed, which turns into frustration, anger, despair, or anxiety. The more you feed intense feelings with negative thoughts, the more emotional distress you inflict on your ADHD brain. Break that unhealthy spiral with these strategies.
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Do I have ADHD paralysis?

ADHD Paralysis Symptoms in Adults

Feel uncertain of how to begin a project, task, or assignment. Not know which step to take first when starting a project, task, or assignment. Overthink or overanalyze many different solutions to a problem. Suddenly draw a blank when it comes time to start a new task or project.
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Why do people with ADHD get quiet?

“People with inattentive presentation are often anxious because they're always wondering how they will screw up next,” Hallowell says. “They become depressed because they are frustrated. Because they know they could be doing better.”
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Can you have ADHD and SAD?


It's entirely possible that anxiety disorders occur much more frequently in people with ADHD than they do in the general population. According to the National Comorbidity Survey Replication, 47% of adults with ADHD have an anxiety disorder—approximately 30% have SAD, specifically.
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What does ADHD look like in introverts?

While talking non-stop is part of ADHD for some people, there are many other ways hyperactivity can express itself. Someone who's an introvert can have an aversion to sitting still, fidget a lot, think better when they're moving, and be impatient. Then there's the fact that comorbid conditions come into play.
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