Are Jisoo and Jennie related?

Jisoo was born in Gunpo, Gyeonggi Province, but Jennie was born in Gangnam, Seoul. Jisoo was born in 1995, but Jennie was born in 1996. Jennie is an only child, but Jisoo has two siblings. Jennie has brown hair, but Jisoo has black hair.
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Does Jennie from BLACKPINK have any siblings?

She is Korean, but she was born in Auckland, New Zealand, and raised in Melbourne, Box Hill (Australia) She has an older sister, named Alice. She trained for 4 years 2 months (2012 May).
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Are Jisoo and Jennie friends?

Jennie and Jisoo once revealed on the show Knowing Bros that they became friends in just three days after going to a Korean sauna (jjimjilbang) together. In fact, they're such close friends that they even got matching rings engraved with “Jj4eva” during an episode on reality TV show Blackpink House.
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Does Jennie have sister?

Early life. Jennie Kim was born in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on January 16, 1996, as an only child.
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Who are Jennie's parents?

Her father's name is Mr. Kim who is a hospital-owned by profession while her mother's name is Mrs. Kim who is a CJ and M Director. She does not have any siblings and she is the only child.
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Jisoo x Jennie "how much we know about each other" || star road eps.7 & eps.8

Is Jisoo in a relationship?

With this at hand, it appears that the K-pop idol is not in a relationship with anyone these days, at least in public. Even so, rumors and speculations about her dating life remain apparent. This is especially true today, considering that she has a leading man on her K-drama debut, Snowdrop.
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Is Jimin and Rose related?


"I love him, he loves me but we two are not made for each other, we shouldn't be together... because...we are half siblings." - Rosé A forbidden love story in which step siblings started developing odd feelings for one another.
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Is Ella Gross Jennie's sister?

Black Pink's Jennie spends time with her 'baby sister' Ella Gross in Ella's hometown.
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Who is Jennie's bestfriend?

Chahee (Melody Day)

Just like Nayeon, Chahee has been one of Jennie's close friends for years. She, Jennie, and former Hello Venus member Lime have all been besties since their high school days.
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Who is Rose's bestfriend?

Despite the age gap of two years, Hyeri and Rosé are inseparable best friends and when not together, they are always calling and messaging each other.
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Who is Jennie bias in BTS?

Kpop Fortune Teller✨ on Twitter: "Jennie's bias in BTS is Taehyung #BLACKPINK #JENNIE #BTSCOMEBACK #Taehyung" / Twitter.
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Is Jennie sister of V?

We can tell you how proficient both Jennie and V are in their professional circuit. They are prime members of their respective groups. However, we are sorry to say that there is no connection derived from their childhood being together. There is no proof of them having been childhood friends.
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Who Jisoo parents?

Her father's name is Ha-Joon Kim who is a CEO in a big company and her mother's name is Ji-Yoo Kim who works for the needy in an NGO.
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Does BTS V have a sister?

Facts about V

V has a younger brother and sister. He has been in the group for awhile, but fans didn‘t know of hear of him until the time around his debut.
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Does Lisa have siblings?

As an only child, she was raised by her Thai mother and Swiss stepfather. Lisa's mother is named Chitthip Brüschweiler.
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Who in BTS has siblings?

  • Jin's Older Brother – Kim Seok Jung.
  • RM's Sister – Kim Kyung Min.
  • JHOPE's Older Sister – Jung Ji Wo.
  • Suga's Older Brother – Min Jun Ki.
  • Jimin's Younger Brother – Park Ji Hyun.
  • V's Younger Sister and Brother – Kim Eun Jun and Kim Jeon Gyu.
  • Jungkook's Older Brother – Jeon Jung Hyun.
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Who is Jisoo's boyfriend 2021?

BLACKPINK Jisoo Boyfriend 2021: Snowdrop Actress Revealed Real Relationship With Seon Heung Min, Set To Dominate Small Screens In December. BLACKPINK Jisoo has one of the most beautiful faces in the K-pop industry today.
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Why is Jennie's name Ruby Jane?

Jennie. Before deciding on her current Instagram username jennierubyjane, Jennie only thought of one other option. Originally using jennierubyjanekim, she eventually dropped her surname to shorten it to her current choice.
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Is Jennie from rich family?

She comes from an extremely wealthy family

Before her debut in the group, Jennie already lived a life of luxury thanks to her wealthy background.
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Is Rosé's sister a lawyer?

The quietest member of BLACKPINK, Rose was a law student at Canterbury Girls' Secondary College before a successful audition led to her dropping out. Her older sister, lawyer Alice Park, is also an Insta-famous public figure.
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Are Rose and Jisoo sisters?

Rosé of Blackpink's sister, Alice Park

But Jisoo is not the only Blackpink member with attractive siblings. Rosé's older sister, Alice Park, also gained attention from Blinks – or Blackpink fans – for her stunning looks. Some fans have even pointed out that she looks like Rosé's bandmate Jisoo from certain angles.
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