Why do guys lead you on then ignore you?

If a guy truly starts to ignore you, it's usually either because he is upset with you and needs you to give him space, he is losing interest, he feels like the relationship is moving too fast, he is playing games with you or trying to lead you on.
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Will a man ignore you if he likes you?

There is a line though and although it's perfectly plausible that a guy you know likes you may not pay you as much attention as you'd expect or be as talkative — it's pretty unlikely that he would totally ignore you. So if that's what he's doing, there could be more going on than just his terrible chat up techniques.
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Why do guys ignore the girl they like?

While it might not seem like the nicest option, there are several reasons these men may be ignoring women: He's mad at himself for misreading her signals. He's mad at her for giving mixed signals or acting like she was interested. It hurts him to spend time with her, knowing they can't have the relationship he wants.
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What do you do when a guy purposely ignores you?

Feeling Ignored? What to Do When He Ignores You
  1. Call out the behavior. ...
  2. Try other forms of communicating. ...
  3. Give him permission to dump you. ...
  4. Embrace vulnerability. ...
  5. Assert yourself early on. ...
  6. Don't overcompensate by texting/calling too much. ...
  7. Leave him for a few days.
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Why does he ignore me then come back?

Guys who come back after being ignored usually do so because they've realized that they've lost something, and that's not a good feeling. But just because they come back doesn't mean that you're going to live happily ever after.
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What A Man Is Thinking When He Ignores You (SHOCKER)

Why do guys act interested then not follow through?

One of the top reasons guys act interested but then disappear is that they think you're not compatible. This doesn't mean anything is wrong with you (or with them). It just means that for some reason, right or wrong, they have decided you're not a good fit.
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How do you make a guy regret ignoring you?

One of the most direct ways to learn how to make him regret ignoring you is by being upfront about it. Be honest about how his behavior towards you is making you feel. Let him know that being taken for granted, ignored for long periods, or rejected made you feel bad.
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Why do guys act distant when they like you?

1. He feels you are out of his league. One of the obvious reasons why a guy may ignore or act disinterested in you is because he feels you are too good for him. He lacks the confidence to approach you or share his feelings with you, fearing you might reject him.
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How do you attract a boy who ignores you without talking?

How to Attract a Boy Who Ignores You
  1. Smile.
  2. Make eye contact with him.
  3. Raise your eyebrows toward him.
  4. Play with your hair or jewelry.
  5. Practice good posture.
  6. Wear something red.
  7. Show a little skin.
  8. Spray some perfume or cologne.
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Can ignoring a guy make him want you more?

Ignoring a guy is one of the smartest and savviest tricks to get them to chase you. It makes them want you more and is a surefire way to get him right where you want him. If your curiosity is piqued, and you want to find out more on how to go about it, you're in the right place.
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How do you know if he's avoiding you?

11 Signs To Know If A Guy Is Avoiding You
  1. His body language can tell you more than he ever will.
  2. Tortoise texting.
  3. The excuses never stop.
  4. If he's making no initiative.
  5. The phone call pattern has changed.
  6. He is busy with other things.
  7. You could have annoyed him.
  8. If the relationship is moving too fast.
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How do you deal with being ignored?

How Do You Respond To Being Ignored?
  1. Take a step back. Your partner may simply need some space to collect their thoughts and deal with their own emotions. ...
  2. Distract yourself. ...
  3. Check if they are actually ignoring you. ...
  4. Try not to overreact. ...
  5. Communicate.
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Do guys ignore you when they are hurt?

Ignoring you is a very likely response from a guy who is feeling hurt. Compared to women, men are not raised to be very emotional. As young boys, many guys may even be made fun of when they show pain. So, if a guy ignores you when he's hurt, it's likely because he doesn't want to acknowledge his pain.
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How do you tell if a guy likes you and is trying to hide it?

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You But Is Hiding It
  1. Eye contact. ...
  2. Never use his phone around you. ...
  3. He is talking to you almost every day. ...
  4. He never talks about other girls. ...
  5. Treats your friends well. ...
  6. He tries to be around you. ...
  7. Jealousy. ...
  8. He's supportive.
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Why did my crush start ignoring me?

When a crush ignores you, it means they do not recognize you're there. It may mean they do not want to engage with you in any way. Or, it may mean they are just not ready. It's hard to see what's really happening.
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How do you test a guy if he's serious about you?

10 Clear Signs A Man Is Serious About You
  1. He makes the effort to see you. ...
  2. He makes you feel considered. ...
  3. You've met his friends/ family. ...
  4. He makes plans with you. ...
  5. He's seen the real you – and is still here. ...
  6. He apologizes when he needs to. ...
  7. He's willing to compromise. ...
  8. He's committed to you.
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How do you ignore a man who is ignoring you?

How To Ignore A Guy That Ignores You And Make Him Chase You
  1. Ignore the instinct to have overblown emotional displays. ...
  2. Ignore the tendency to overreact. ...
  3. Cease ignoring your fabulous self, and he will cease ignoring you! ...
  4. Stop ignoring your real feelings too. ...
  5. Avoid ignoring your wants. ...
  6. Do not ignore the power of jealousy.
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Why do men pull away when things start to get serious?

Avoiding past hurt

For some men, pulling away could be a strategy to avoid getting hurt. They may have been hurt in a committed relationship before. So by pulling away, they're trying to avoid hurting themselves again.
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Why do guys become distant all of a sudden?

When a guy abruptly starts to distance himself, it's because his attention is being pulled away by something other than you. This might be physical or psychological, and it may or may not have anything to do with you. It could also mean the relationship is no longer as important to him as it used to be.
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Why is he distant after being close?

Key Pointers. Men could pull away from a relationship due to compatibility issues, lack of space or emotional connect, unrealistic expectations, or difference in opinion. Based on the reason he is pulling away, you may take an action – either talk it out, take a break, or make adjustments.
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How do you make a guy feel like he's losing you?

How To Make A Guy Realize He Is Losing You
  1. Let Him Know That You Are Prepared To Walk Away. Save. ...
  2. Do Not Let Him Take Away Your Efforts In Vain. Easier said than done! ...
  3. Prioritize Yourself. ...
  4. Remind Him That He Is Not Your Only Option. ...
  5. Make Yourself Busy. ...
  6. Go For A New Look. ...
  7. Take A Break From Replying. ...
  8. Do Not Try To Please Him.
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How do you know if a guy regrets rejecting you?

One of the first subtle (but powerful) signs he regrets rejecting you is that he'll try to say sorry to you about what happened. This won't always be direct, as many times men react to guilt by internalizing it. To be frank, they have trouble expressing when they've messed up in a relationship.
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How do you know when a guy regrets hurting you?

Another time when a guy feels guilty for hurting you is if he sees that you've moved on to another partner. If he notices that you're visibly happier and more content in the romantic relationship in comparison to when you were with him, that is when he regrets hurting you.
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Why do guys come on strong then pull away?

Here are some reasons why men come on strong and then pull away: He's emotionally out of control: This is the most common reason. The guy's feelings are too strong and he doesn't know how to handle them, so he pushes you away.
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Why did he pursue me then disappear?

Some guys catch on that you want something more serious, so they disappear. If you are still asking why he pursued me then disappeared – this is a likely reason. Men often do this thinking it's nicer and less confrontational than some ugly emotional scene when you realize he's not going to stick around.
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