Why are Ahsoka's Montrals shorter?

When asked by a fan on Twitter, Lucasfilm character concept designer Brian Matyas explained the "chief concern" for the show's creatives was to make sure Dawson's lekku and montrals were the appropriate size for her "with consideration for stunts and movement." This led to them being made shorter on The Mandalorian ...
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Why are Ahsoka's head tails shorter in the Mandalorian?

They are usually longer, but were shortened for Ahsoka's live-action appearances to make the stunts easier to perform. This is going to be your ultimate guide to the physiology of Ahsoka Tano, focusing specifically on her head-tails, known as lekku.
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Why are Ahsoka lekku short?

Matyas confirmed that the Jedi's lekku was designed to be smaller than in animation to be considerate of stunts: Yea pretty much that was the chief concern. From animation to live action I did a ton of design exploration for her and their appropriate size for the actor with consideration for stunts and movement.
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What is Ahsoka's hair made of?

Since she doesn't have hair, she can't have a traditional Padawan braid. Instead, a strand of silka beads is attached to her headdress.
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Why does Ahsoka look different in Mandalorian?

Ahsoka's Different Appearances

It had these more puffed-out samurai pants that were taken in at the lower legs and calves. And they just created a great silhouette. It's not a look that works really well in animation. So, when we came to this, I started exploring that again as a possible look."
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Why Ahsoka's Tails(Lekku) Are So SMALL in Mandalorian Episode! - Star Wars Explained

What race is Ahsoka?

Ahsoka Tano, a Togruta female, was the Padawan learner to Anakin Skywalker and a hero of the Clone Wars. Alongside Anakin, she grew from headstrong student into a mature leader.
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How old is Ahsoka in The Mandalorian?

By the beginning of the Galactic Civil War, she's roughly 32 years old — since it starts in 4BBY — meaning she is around 41 when it concludes in 5ABY (after the Battle of Yavin). With The Mandalorian season 2 in the year 9ABY, that would place Ahsoka somewhere in the neighborhood of 44 to 45 years old.
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Is Ahsoka straight?

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who previously told us that the Togruta former Jedi will show up in The Mandalorian season 2 and Rey is Palpatine's [SPOILERS], both of which are now confirmed – Ahsoka Tano will be revealed as bisexual in future appearances.
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What are the beads on Ahsoka's head?

Silka beads were a type of decorative bead worn by species without hair, such as Twi'leks or the Togruta. Jedi Padawans from such species, such as Togruta Ahsoka Tano, had Padawan braids made out of the beads.
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Does Ahsoka have a love interest?

Training, being moody, and having girl troubles. Lux Bonteri is Ahsoka Tano's love interest in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
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Why are Ahsoka's lightsabers white?

Ahsoka's white lightsabers first appeared in the TV episode "Fire Across the Galaxy," the season one finale for Star Wars Rebels. According to Dave Filoni, one of the show's creators, the lightsaber blades are white to reflect her non-affiliation with the Jedi or Sith.
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What are Togruta head tails?

Lekku (singular lek), also referred to as head-tails, were long, fleshy appendages that protruded from the head of all Twi'leks, Togruta, and male Ozrelanso. The Togrutas sported three of them, while the other species had two (occasionally four, in the case of Twi'leks).
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Does Ahsoka have lekku?

In Clone Wars, Ahsoka's blue and white lekku began about shoulder-length and grew to reach her chest over the course of the series. Her montrals didn't expand as much but were clearly taller by the time the show ended.
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What are Togruta Montrals?

On Togruta, montrals were hollow, cone-like horns that sprouted from the top of the Togruta's skulls. They formed an extrasensory organ capable of sensing the movement of physical objects around them within a scope of up to 25 meters (82 feet).
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Does Ahsoka wear a hat?

History. The headdress was sported by males and females who had slain an akul by themselves. The Jedi Master Shaak Ti and Padawan Ahsoka Tano were known for wearing their headdress with their Jedi apparel.
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Can humans and Togruta breed?

Of course they can! Not only that, but the resulting half-breed can cross-breed with Wookies, even though the parent species can't.
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Why is Ahsoka called snips?

Yoda assigns her to Anakin to teach him a greater sense of responsibility, and Anakin is initially frustrated by this decision. Their early interactions are "playfully contentious", with Anakin calling her "Snips" for her "snippy" attitude and Ahsoka calling him "Skyguy" as a play on his surname.
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Why did Cad Bane take Ahsoka's braid?

Captured By Cad Bane

When Tano thought she had the jump on the hunter, he stunned her and held her hostage as a bargaining chip to make his escape. In doing so, Bane took a bead from Ahsoka's Padawan training braid.
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How old is Grogu?

Grogu appears to be the youngest known member of Yoda's species. He is only 50 years old, and he is still developmentally an infant. For the whole first season of The Mandalorian™, they referred to him only as the Child.
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How old is Ahsoka in season 7?

The war lasts a few years, and by Season 7, Ahsoka is 17.
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How old is Ahsoka in season 1?

Star Wars Rebels took place in the five years leading up to A New Hope and the Battle of Yavin, which means Ahsoka was 31 years old in season 1 and 36 years old in season 4, but 40 years old in the series finale's prologue set sometime in the aftermath of the Battle of Endor.
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Is Ahsoka older than Luke?

Ahsoka was 14 years old at the start of the Clone Wars and 17 by the end of it, so she's only 17 years older than Luke Skywalker.
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Did Ahsoka meet Luke?


While Star Wars has finally brought Luke Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano together in The Book of Boba Fett, it's not the first time the two characters have met.
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How does Bo-Katan know Ahsoka?

Bo-Katan and Ahsoka have a long and complicated history from the days of the Clone Wars. They first met when Bo-Katan was a member of Pre Vizla's Death Watch, a radical group of Mandalorians looking to return the culture to its previous warring ways, and leader of the Nite Owls, an all-female group of elite fighters.
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