What is the rarest console?

15 Of The Rarest Games Consoles (& How Much They're Worth)
  1. 1 The Nintendo PlayStation ($360,000)
  2. 2 The Atari Cosmos ($18,853) ...
  3. 3 Gold Minish Cap Game Boy Advance SP ($8,000) ...
  4. 4 The PS1 10 Million Edition ($7,500) ...
  5. 5 Pokemon World Championships Nintendo DSi XL ($7,000) ...
  6. 6 Dreamcast S.T.A.R.S. ...
  7. 7 Maziora Dreamcast ($6,000) ...
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What is the rarest gaming console?

4. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Xbox One X console. Only one of these lavish Xbox One X consoles was ever made, and it was sold in a charity auction. That makes it one of the rarest, most eye-catching consoles ever, on top of being for a good cause.
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What is the least selling console?

The Worst-Selling Console From Each Generation That Deserve More...
  • 5 5th Generation: Atari Jaguar (125,000 Units)
  • 6 4th Generation: CD-I (570,000 Units) ...
  • 7 3rd Generation: Atari XEGS (Around 100,000 Units) ...
  • 8 2nd Generation: Fairchild Channel F (Around 250,000 Units) ...
  • 9 1st Generation: Atari Pong (Around 150,000 Units) ...
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What is the coolest console in the world?

  • Playstation 5. The best gaming console. ...
  • Xbox Series X. The best Microsoft gaming console. ...
  • Nintendo Switch. The best portable game console. ...
  • Nintendo Switch OLED. The best premium portable console.
  • PlayStation 4 Pro. The best budget game console.
  • Nintendo Switch Lite. ...
  • SNES Classic Edition. ...
  • Sega Genesis Mini.
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Which PlayStation is the rarest?

However, in 2015, rumors popped up that a Nintendo PlayStation prototype had been found. After some reviews, the system was deemed legitimate. This is the only known Nintendo PlayStation in existence, making it the rarest PlayStation console ever in the world.
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Gaming's Rarest Consoles - Game History Secrets

Is a white PS4 rare?

Unfortunately, the white PlayStation 4 Pro is ridiculously rare, to the point where it is not currently available on Amazon, even for an exorbitant price. Maybe we'll see it come back in the future with a new model or bundle, but for now, it's virtually unavailable.
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What is the rarest Xbox?

This one-of-a-kind, vine-and-relic-covered console was being auctioned off for charity (proceeds went directly to Best Friends Animal Society) and eventually sold for a whopping $8,300. Of all the Xboxs on this list, the Shadow of the Tomb Raider one is, without a doubt, the absolute rarest.
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Is Xbox better than PS5?

With more powerful hardware, a better design, a more comprehensive game subscription service and a delightful controller, the Xbox Series X has the early lead in the next generation of consoles. Still, the PS5 has some virtues that the Xbox Series X does not.
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Is PS4 better than Xbox?

Xbox One vs PS4: Bottom line

It may seem odd to come to a conclusion on the best last-generation console, but as these machines are still getting games made for them, they are far from irrelevant. Ultimately, the PS4 is the overall winner, all down to its larger selection of exclusive games.
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Which console sold the most?

The total number of video game consoles sold worldwide across the products entire lifetime on the shelves are shown here as of September 2021. At this time the PlayStation 2 is the top games console having sold a total of around 157.68 million units worldwide.
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What's the worst selling console?

Several high-ranking Tiger executives were subsequently arrested for fraud and other illegal activities related to the Gizmondo. It is so far the world's worst selling handheld console in history, and due to its failure in the European and American video game markets, it was not released in Australia or Japan.
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What is the least sold game?

Okami currently holds the record for "least commercially successful award for a game of the year." Despite its critical acclaim, Okami only managed to get 600,000 copies out.
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What came after Wii?

The Wii U was released on November 18, 2012 as a direct successor to the Wii, and the first entry in the eighth generation of home video game consoles.
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Is PS3 discontinued?

Sony has announced that the PS3 is officially ending production. After 11 years and 3 model redesigns, Sony has finally decided that the PS3 has seen its day.
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What is the rarest Xbox 360?

15 Rare XBOX 360 & How Much They're Worth
  • El Chavo Kart: $95 – $115.
  • IHF Handball Challenge 16: $80 – $200.
  • Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning – Exclusive Signature Edition: $218 – $274.
  • Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta (Add-on): $332 – $391.
  • Dead Space (Ultra Limited Edition): $699 – $2500.
  • NBA Elite 11: $10,000.
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Are wiis worth anything?

The Nintendo Wii as of today sells for roughly $50, but it all depends on the condition of the console and if it comes with accessories and/or games. A single Nintendo Wii console can sell from anywhere between $15 to $125.
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Does Xbox have VR?

A. No, unfortunately, the Xbox One doesn't support VR. Microsoft doesn't seem to have VR plans, so users will have to put up with using other workarounds to use VR headsets as the display for their Xbox consoles. Still, it's possible to do with certain headsets, even if it isn't the ideal VR experience.
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Can I throw away an Xbox?

Game consoles are made of recyclable parts, including the circuit board, plastic casing and game disks. If game consoles are thrown away, they can leach harmful metals into the environment. Never throw them away in any of your curbside containers.
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Is PlayStation better than Nintendo?

The Switch runs off of a customised Nvidia Tegra X1 chipset, while the PS4 contains an AMD Jaguar CPU and a 1.84 TFlops AMD Radeon GPU. What that translates to is that even though it was released several years before the Nintendo Switch, the PS4 outperforms it when it comes to overall computing power.
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Is there a Xbox 720?

The Xbox 720, on the other hand, is rumored to cost $500 outright, but only $200 to $300 with a subsidy. Unfortunately, we might not even get to hear the price for the new Xbox at the announcement.
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Will there be PS6?

Since the PS5 became available in November 2020, it likely won't be until the same month, in 2026 or 2027, we see a PlayStation 6. Just in time for holiday shopping! In the meantime, if Sony follows the PS4's release schedule, we'll see a PS5 Pro or Slim before the PS6, maybe around 2023.
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Which is better Xbox or Nintendo switch?

Nintendo Switch OLED: Tech specs. The main difference in the technical specs of the two consoles is pretty apparent: the Xbox Series X has way more horsepower. The console can play games at 4K, with features like ray-tracing and even 120 FPS games also possible.
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What is the rarest PS1 game?

The 14 Rarest Classic PlayStation Games (& How Much They're Worth)
  1. 1 Elemental Gearbolt: Assassin's Case – $2203.00.
  2. 2 Cindy's Fashion World PAL Version – $1,314. ...
  3. 3 Syphon Filter 3 (Pre-911 Edition) – $633.24. ...
  4. 4 The Misadventures Of Tron Bonne – $551. ...
  5. 5 Castlevania: Symphonia of the Night – $472. ...
  6. 6 Tail Concerto – $470. ...
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What is Xbox Scorpio?

Be the first to experience the Xbox One X designed for the biggest fans—the Project Scorpio Edition featuring a custom design, “Project Scorpio” inscribed on both the console and controller, and a vertical stand. With 40% more power than any other console, experience immersive true 4K gaming.
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How rare is the white Xbox One?

If you want a white Xbox One — the rare console that only Microsoft employees received — you'll need to pay more than $11,000 for it. That money, though, is going toward a good cause.
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