What is the highest PSLE score?

Your child's PSLE Score will be the sum of the four subject scores. It ranges from 4 to 32, with 4 being the best possible total score.
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What is the highest PSLE score 2021?

PSLE Score is the sum of the Achievement Level (AL) scores in the 4 PSLE subjects. A lower AL score means a better mark in the subject. The best possible PSLE Score is 4 and the worst possible PSLE Score is 32.
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What is a good score on PSLE?

This will allow them to learn and progress at a comfortable pace. A student who obtains a PSLE Score of 26 to 30, and scores an AL 7 or better in both English Language and Mathematics – or AL B or better at Foundation level for these subjects – can progress to the Normal (Technical) course in secondary school.
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Is PSLE 2021 hard?

Low also doesn't think 2021 was the hardest PSLE year as compared to the last few years. But this is not to say that the questions in the last couple of years were easy. Similar to the past few years, Low notes that there were several challenging questions that required "thinking out of the box".
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What if my child failed PSLE?

The PSLE score is important to your child, as it determines whether your child can move on to Secondary School. Currently, students who fail the PSLE have 2 options: to retake the PSLE a year later or to advance to a vocational school.
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97.6% of students pass PSLE - 22Nov2012

What is PSLE called in Chinese?

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) (Malay: Peperiksaan Tamat Sekolah Rendah, Simplified Chinese: 小学离校考试 xiǎoxué lí xiào kǎoshì) is a national examination in Singapore that is administered by the Ministry of Education and taken by all students near the end of their sixth year in primary school before they ...
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What is AL5 PSLE?

AL4 for 75 to 79 marks. AL5 for 65 to 74 marks. AL6 for 45 to 64 marks. AL7 for 20 to 44 marks. AL8 for students with less than 20 marks.
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What is the minimum PSLE score for Express stream?

The indicative cut-off points are based on the 2020 cohort's PSLE results and school choice patterns. For government and government-aided schools, the cut-off point ranges from PSLE scores of eight to 22 for the Express (O-Level) track, 21 to 25 for Normal (Academic), and 26 to 30 for Normal (Technical).
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Who scored the lowest in PSLE?

Each subject will be scored using 8 bands known as Achievement Levels (AL), with AL1 being the best score and AL8 being the lowest score. The ALs reflect the student's level of achievement in the subject.
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How is PSLE score 2021 calculated?

The student's total PSLE Score will be the sum of the four subject scores. For example, a student who scores AL1 in all 4 subjects will get a PSLE score of 4. So basically, the lower the score, the better! The PSLE Score will range from 4 (best) to 32.
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Who created PSLE paper?

On 30 March 1960, then Minister for Education Yong Nyuk Lin announced the introduction of the PSLE as the new secondary school entrance examination for all four language streams – English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil.
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Is it easy to fail PSLE?

It is actually quite rare to fail PSLE outright (around 98.4% of students pass and make it to secondary school). However, it is quite common to get a 'bad' PSLE results or a lower score than one expects.
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What is Al in PSLE?

The PSLE Score ranges for the individual secondary schools are indicative as 2021 is the first year of transition from T-score to Achievement Levels (AL) scoring system. They are simulated using the 2020 PSLE cohort results and students' school choice.
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What age is PSLE?

Children no younger than 11 years can take the exam and there is no maximum age limit for candidates.
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Why is SG math so hard?

Its concepts may be abstract and hard to grasp. It is also a subject that requires a lot of visualization, understanding, creativity and a lot of proving. Singapore is a country known to drive competition in its education system. The education system of Singapore is recognized as very effective and high quality.
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How hard is Singapore Math?

Children in Singapore traditionally score highly in math when compared to those in other countries. Singapore method is demanding and relies heavily on mastery of the material. There are textbooks, workbooks, manipulative and teacher's guides for each grade run from $9 - $30.
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Is PSLE bell curve?

He also assured parents that PSLE candidates are not marked on a bell curve in the new scoring system introduced this year.
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Which country has the best international schools?

India, Japan (and its islands) China, and in particular Hong Kong, have the best and widest range of international schools in the region catering for a large expatriate population.
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Are schools good in Singapore?

Today, the school system of Singapore is considered the best worldwide. And this is not only restricted to high schools but also at the university levels, with the National University of Singapore being the highest ranking in Asia and outperforming renowned institutions worldwide.
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