What is Bermuda Falernum?

Falernum is a spiced lime cordial from Bermuda, traditionally served in a Rum Swizzle. You'll taste the zing of lime, coupled with the subtle flavour of cinnamon and cloves. Our Falernum pairs perfectly with the caramel and vanilla notes found in Caribbean rums, but is also a great match for citrus and tequila.
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What is falernum made of?

At its core, falernum is a soothing mix of baking spices, sugar, nuts (typically almonds) and lime. Its signature heat comes from ginger and there are both boozy and dry versions of the stuff. The former is made with overproof rum, resulting in a roughly 15-20% alcohol by volume liquid perfect for a Mai Tai.
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What do you use falernum for?

The following 20 cocktails with falernum include tropical cocktails but also spirit-forward and stirred cocktails, the other style of cocktail where falernum shines.
  • Brooklyn's Finest. ...
  • Californian Margarita. ...
  • Chartreuse Swizzle. ...
  • Corn 'n' Oil. ...
  • Detroit Athletic Club. ...
  • Difford's Mai Tai. ...
  • Green Swizzle. ...
  • Hemingway Breakfast.
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What can I use instead of falernum?

Substitute: Though there are several brands, there is no other commercial substitute of falernum's flavor characteristics. Combine orgeat syrup with vanilla, allspice, clove, ginger, Angostura bitters and lime juice to approximate it. Also falernum syrups available on market, for example Monin Falernum.
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What is the difference between Orgeat and falernum?

Like orgeat, falernum is a sweet syrup is traditionally made with sweet almonds, but rather than stopping there, falernum takes things several steps farther. It almost always contains flavors of ginger, lime and allspice in addition to the almond infusion, and often has cloves as well.
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What is Falernum? History and Taste Off

What is the difference between falernum and velvet falernum?

Falernum is the general term for a spiced-citrusy-sweet syrup used to flavor Caribbean cocktails. Velvet Falernum is the widely distributed Barbadian alcoholic version, and you should definitely be measuring out half-jiggers of it when it comes to good mai tais.
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What does velvet falernum taste like?

Taylor's Velvet Falernum smells sweet, and strongly of cloves and lime juice. On the palate, it's rich and thick, leaving a coating of slightly nutty, spiced, sugary flavor.
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What flavor is Orgeat?

What does orgeat taste like? Orgeat has a distinctive nutty flavor with a hint of citrus. Some people liken it to liquid marzipan. It adds a distinct complexity to drinks, and it's so unique that there's not a great substitute.
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What can you substitute for orgeat syrup?

If you need a substitute for orgeat syrup then your best options are almond syrup, almond extract, amaretto, or Crème d'amade.
What can I use to replace orgeat syrup?
  • Almond Syrup. ...
  • Almond Extract. ...
  • Amaretto. ...
  • Crème de noyaux. ...
  • Orzata syrup. ...
  • Homemade orgeat recipe. ...
  • Almond Milk. ...
  • Falernum.
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What's in green Chartreuse?

Alcohol, sugar, water, vegetable substances (130 plants, bark, roots, spices and flowers). 55 % vol. 3cl, 20cl, 35cl, 70cl, 300cl - Characteristic bottle of the Chartreuse liqueurs.
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Can you drink falernum straight?

“It's delicious and I'd drink it straight if it weren't so sweet; the flavors just pop.” Jamie Boudreau of Canon in Seattle also begins with a classic base, but adds allspice, black peppercorns and bitters, cooking all the ingredients with rum sous vide to infuse the flavors quickly.
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Do I refrigerate falernum?

Falernum is ready to use after this second rest. Keep refrigerated for up to one month.
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How do you pronounce falernum?

Falernum (pronounced fə-LUR-nəm) is either an 11% ABV syrup liqueur or a nonalcoholic syrup from the Caribbean. It is best known for its use in tropical drinks.
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Why is it called falernum?

The word falernum originates from the Roman wine falernian (or falernum in Latin.) But modern falernum, found in classic tiki drinks like the Mai Thai or the Zombie, has little in common with the original use of the word except for it's coloring.
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Is falernum spicy?

Spicy, Nutty and Sweet

Falernum is a cocktail syrup used in tropical and tiki drinks. Made with almonds, ginger, lime zest and an assortment of Caribbean spices. It is sweet, nutty and lightly spice.
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Is orgeat and amaretto the same?

Orgeat, a nutty floral syrup, works as a sweetener in mixed drinks, primarily of the tropical variety. Substitute amaretto, an almond-flavored liqueur, for orgeat to maintain the same flavor profile while giving the drink a more potent punch.
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Is amaretto rum or whiskey?

Amaretto (Italian for "a little bitter") is a sweet Italian liqueur that originated in Saronno. Depending on the brand, it may be made from apricot kernels, bitter almonds, peach stones, or almonds, all of which are natural sources of the benzaldehyde that provides the almond-like flavour of the liqueur.
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Does orgeat taste like marzipan?

What does orgeat taste like? One of the more common descriptions of orgeat is "liquid marzipan," referring to its sweet, nutty flavor. Depending on the brand of orgeat you're tasting or the recipe you're using to make it, the flavor may actually vary quite a bit.
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What is in Averna digestif?

Averna, which was founded in 1868 by Salvatore Averna, is made in an herbalists's laboratory in Caltanissetta, Sicily. It contains Sicilian citrus, pomegranate, pure alcohol, and more. After the ingredients are combined and filtered, Averna is ready to be bottled. It can be drank straight, frozen, or with ice.
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Is almond syrup the same as orgeat?

A: Orgeat is another word for almond-flavored syrup, commonly used in tiki cocktail recipes.
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What is in Dom Benedictine?

Made by French Benedictine monks at Fecamp, Dom Benedictine has as its basis the blending of 27 different plants and spices from five continents. These include a blend of herbs, spices and an infusion of saffron, honey, thyme, tea and caramel.
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Is Velvet Falernum sweet?

Taylor Velvet falernum—a low-proof liqueur with all of those classic Caribbean flavors. Due to its provenance (hailing from Barbados), falernum is most often paired with rum, and it's a smart combination. But this intriguingly spiced, sweet-tart liqueur is quite versatile.
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What does allspice dram taste like?

Today, allspice dram is made in relatively the same manner. The flavor is best described as a combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. The amber-colored liqueur can be stored like other liqueurs (no need to refrigerate open bottles).
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Is velvet falernum a rum?

Falernum is idigenous to Barbados, where Velvet Falernum is a longtime staple item of its many resorts and bars. The sweetness, spice and almond character of this rum-based liqueur provides weight and texture to classic rum and wine punches.
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