What do they call roundabouts in Dundee?

In the dialect used in the Scottish city of Dundee, circle is used to refer to roundabouts.
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What is a roundabout called in Dundee?

Scott Fyffe Roundabout is the junction on the Dundee Kingsway where the Ring Road A972 joins the A92. It is named after the garage that is adjacent to the roundabout. Some Dundonians may refer to it as the Scott Fyffe Circle as roundabouts are sometimes colloquially referred to as circles.
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What's the biggest roundabout in Scotland?

The Haudagain Roundabout /ˈhædəɡən/ is a roundabout in Aberdeen that bisects the A92 and A96.
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What town in Scotland has the most roundabouts?

Polo Mint City could be EK's anthem. There are over 60 roundabouts in the town, according to South Lanarkshire Council, the best known being the Whirlies, with its spherical steel sculptures landed on plinths in its centre.
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Where is Broxton in Scotland?

It is located on the outskirts of Perth. The roundabout, oval in shape, is an important hub of the Scottish road network, a major junction on the A9 north–south route, and the UK's northernmost motorway junction, being junction 12 of the M90 motorway. All of the seven cities in Scotland are signposted from its exits.
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Dundee - dashcam roundabout

When was the Kingsway in Dundee built?

Remarkably, this city has now relied on the Kingsway to keep traffic flowing for a century. Planning began in 1911 as part of famed architect James Thomson's vision for Dundee and the road opened in 1919, when it effectively marked the city's northern boundary.
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Why is it called Kingsway Dundee?

The name Kingsway, devised during the planning stage, was meant to commemorate the current monarch, Edward VII, although the actual completion was in the reign of Victoria and Albert's grandson, George V.
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What is the oldest building in Dundee?

Dundee's oldest surviving building is the Tower of St Mary, commonly known as the Old Steeple. It was completed around 1480 and has withstood the upheavals of the Reformation, several invasions of the city and the repeated destruction of the church buildings to which it is connected.
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How did Dundee get its name?

The name "Dundee" is made up of two parts: the common Celtic place-name element dun, meaning fort; and a second part that may derive from a Celtic element, cognate with the Gaelic dè, meaning 'fire'.
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What is a Dundee slang?

• Dundee United - Nigerian slang for an idiot, as revealed on a BBC documentary about the country's capital Lagos in 2010.
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What is a person from Dundee called?

This category lists Dundonians, people born in Dundee, Scotland.
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Is Dundee a poor city?

In Dundee City overall 31% of children in 2018 are in poverty according to the Child Poverty Action Group in comparison to 28% in 2017. Child poverty exists in all areas across the City, over a quarter of children are in poverty (after housing costs) in seven of the eight electoral wards in Dundee City as shown below.
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What food is Dundee famous for?

Dundee cake

This famous traditional Scottish fruit cake originated in the 19th century. Dundee cake is made with currants, sultanas and almonds instead of the more traditional glace cherries used in fruitcakes. It is said to have been originally made by Keiller's marmalade company who mass-produced it.
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What was Dundee famous for?

BBC - History - Scottish History. Towards the end of the Victorian era, Dundee was famous for its three Js - Jute, Jam and Journalism. In the 18th century the city was already an established centre of textile production, mainly in linen, and made huge quantities of sail cloth for Europe.
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What is the oldest town in Scotland?

Dundee is unique in that an exact date of the ascension to city status is documented — January 26 1889 — making it the earliest official city in the country. A charter signed by Queen Victoria confirmed the transition.
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Is Dundee a Protestant?

United are a mini-Celtic — “Irish” and “Catholic”; Dundee are a mini-Rangers — “British” and “Protestant”.
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Why is jute in Dundee?

Dundee's location on a major estuary allowed for the easy importation of jute from the Indian subcontinent as well as whale oil—needed for the processing of the jute—from the city's large whaling industry.
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What is jute Dundee?

Dundee was the largest jute manufacturer in the world and a vital market for Indian jute producers. By the early 20th century however Calcutta had overtaken Dundee as the dominant centre for the production of jute.
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Where is Braxton in the UK?

Branxton is a village and civil parish in northern Northumberland, England. It lies about 3 miles (5 km) from the England-Scotland border and about 4 miles (6 km) from the Scottish border town of Coldstream, just off the A697 Newcastle-Edinburgh road.
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Which city has the most roundabouts UK?

Brian Dougal said he learned the town of Milton Keynes, England, currently holds the Guinness World Record for highest number of roundabouts per square kilometer, with an average 1.46 of the circular intersections per every 1 kilometer (. 62 miles).
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Are there roundabouts in Scotland?

Roundabouts are common in Scotland. Give way to vehicles from your right, and turn left on entering the roundabout. There are no toll roads or toll bridges in Scotland. Some rural roads are single lane, but have passing places so traffic in opposite directions can pass safely or the driver behind can overtake.
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Why is East Kilbride called Polo Mint City?

Similar to other New Towns, the road network within the area is populated by many roundabouts; Glaswegians jokingly refer to East Kilbride as "Polo mint City" after the round, mint sweet.
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