What are the ranks in a kitchen?

The Kitchen Hierarchy: Career Options in a Restaurant Kitchen
  • Executive Chef. ...
  • Head Chef (Chef de Cuisine) ...
  • Deputy Chef (Sous Chef) ...
  • Station Chef (Chef de Partie) ...
  • Junior Chef (Commis Chef) ...
  • Kitchen Porter. ...
  • Purchasing Manager.
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How many positions are there in a kitchen?

There are many positions in this hierarchy, and each one holds an important role in the overall function of the kitchen. The 8 positions listed below are the most typical.
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How many levels of chefs are there?

There are 10 basic stations in the Brigade kitchen, each with its own chef. (This may be where people get the idea that there are 10 types of chefs in a restaurant kitchen.) In practice, though, some restaurants combine stations so that one chef has several roles.
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What are the 5 basic positions in the kitchen brigade?

What is the kitchen brigade system?
  • Who was Escoffier? ...
  • 5 roles in the kitchen brigade. ...
  • Chef Executif. ...
  • Chef de Cuisine. ...
  • Sous chef de Cuisine. ...
  • Chef de partie. ...
  • Commis chef.
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Who is the most senior in a kitchen?

The kitchen hierarchy explained
  • What is the kitchen hierarchy?
  • What are the eight positions of the kitchen hierarchy?
  • Chef Executif (Executive Chief)
  • Chef de Cuisine (Head/Chief of the Kitchen)
  • Sous Chef (Under Chief/Deputy Head Chef)
  • Chef de Partie (Chief of the Group/Senior Chef)
  • Commis Chef (Junior or Assistant)
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Kitchen Hierarchy You Must Know To Be A Professional Chef

What is a second chef called?

The Sous Chef is second in command of the kitchen. The Sous Chef takes on much of the responsibilities of running the kitchen as the Head Chef has a more overarching role. They direct how food is presented on the plate and are the person behind food quality control.
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What level is sous chef?

This position is the highest rank in the kitchen hierarchy. The sous chef is the second in charge and often training to become a head chef. This position requires supervision and coordination of various other stations and given the executive chef is absent, the sous chef then becomes first in command.
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What is kitchen brigade hierarchy?

What is the hierarchy in a kitchen brigade? Like a general is the head of the army, an executive chef is the head of the kitchen in a restaurant. According to the kitchen brigade system, the chef de cuisine is second-in-command to the executive chef.
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What is the hierarchy of a dining room brigade?

Chef de rang, Chef d'etage, or Captain

It meant “chief of the floor stage.” In hotels, this was a room service waiter. Chef de rang, means chief of the station, on the other hand. This position, otherwise known as the captain, is in charge of a particular set of tables or station.
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What is the top chef position in a kitchen brigade system?

The role of the saucier, commonly known as the sauce chef, is often the highest respected role in the kitchen brigade system of stations, reporting directly to the head chef or sous-chef.
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What is a Level 5 chef?

Cook grade 5 (tradesperson) meaning “a chef de partie or equivalent who has completed an apprenticeship or passed the appropriate trade test or who has the appropriate level of training in cooking, butchering or pastry cooking” and who performs any of the following: (a) general and specialised duties, including ...
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What do you call a master chef?

Also known as a head chef or a master chef, an executive chef is the overall kitchen boss. This position is the pinnacle of any chef career. An executive chef doesn't spend all their time cooking but manages every operation in the kitchen. There is usually only one executive chef at any restaurant.
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What is a female cook called?

A woman cooking gets called a "cook." A man cooking gets called a "chef." The Chef Does Everything – Except Cook.
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Who runs the pass in a kitchen?

The “pass” is the long, flat surface where dishes are plated and picked up by wait staff. The chef or high-level cook who “runs the pass” each night is in charge of letting the cooks know what they will be cooking as orders come in.
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What are the 6 sections of a dining room brigade?

Terms in this set (6)
  • The MATTRE D'HOTEL. ...
  • The WINE STEWARD (chefde vin or sommelier) ...
  • The HEAD WAITER (chefde salle) ...
  • The CAPTAIN (chef d'etage) ...
  • The FRONT WAITER (chefde rang) ...
  • The BACK WAITER or BUSBOY (demi-chefde rang or commis de rang)
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What is a group of chefs called?

Brigade de cuisine (French: [bʁiɡad də kɥizin], "kitchen brigade") is a system of hierarchy found in restaurants and hotels employing extensive staff, commonly referred to as "kitchen staff" in English-speaking countries.
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What is kitchen staff?

A Kitchen Staff is a broad term which encompasses any employee of an establishment, whether a 5-star hotel or restaurant, who is assigned in the kitchen. Generally, the term pertains to kitchen assistants, helpers, or apprentices. It is a system of hierarchy found in restaurants that employ an extensive staff.
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What are the sections departments inside a kitchen?

The food production department, commonly called the Kitchen department, involves the preparation of food, while the delivery is done by the F&B department. The food production department consists of the main kitchen (hot & cold), banquet kitchen, soup section, pantry section, pastry section, baking & confectionery.
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What are the different types of chefs?

The Different Types of Chef
  • Head Chef (or Executive Chef)
  • Sous Chef.
  • Station Chef (Chef de Partie)
  • Expediter.
  • Kitchen Manager.
  • Pastry Chef (or Pâtissier)
  • Saucier.
  • Fish Cook (or Poissonier)
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Is sous chef higher than chef?

Executive chefs oversee the operations of a kitchen. Sous chefs are second-in-command under the executive chef and typically spend more time preparing food than executive chefs.
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What is the most critical position in the kitchen?

Executive chef

Primary duties: The executive chef is the most senior-level kitchen staff role. It is primarily a management role. This person oversees the entire kitchen. Rather than cooking, they often focus on operations, marketing and public relations.
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Why do chefs wear white?

White Reflects Heat

Because of this, what your chefs wear is essential to their comfort during their long hours in the heat. Therefore, a uniform that is breathable is a necessity. White naturally reflects heat instead of trapping it, helping chefs stay cool while they cook.
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Why are chefs so mean?

Some people believe that aggressive and angry chefs turn out this way because of their high standards and desire to succeed. However, this might not always be the case. The constant pressure from higher management or customers can increase stress levels and lead someone to lash out at others.
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What are the 3 types of cooking methods?

Cooking methods can be grouped into three categories:
  • Dry-heat methods, with or without fat. Dry-heat cooking methods like stir-frying, pan-frying, deep-frying, and sautéing rely on fats and oil to act as the cooking medium. ...
  • Moist-heat methods. ...
  • Methods using a combination of dry and moist heat.
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How many master chefs are there?

Today, there are only 11 CMPCs and 67 Certified Master Chefs® (CMC®) in the nation.
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