How much damage does a common pistol do in fortnite?

The Pistol (formerly "Semi-Auto Handgun"), as the name suggests, is a Pistol in Battle Royale. It has a headshot multiplier of 2.0x (deals 48, 50, 52, 56, 58 damage to the head), and is available in Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary variants.
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What pistol does the most damage in Fortnite?

Finally, in what may be a surprise to even the most committed Fortnite fans, the legendary Pistol is one of the most powerful guns by DPS, but requires a steady hand and perfect timing to pull it off, At 197 damage per second, the legendary pistol is 0.25 DPS under the SCAR, but demands a ridiculous level of skill to ...
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Is the pistol good in Fortnite?

Pistols are the most versatile weapons in Battle Royale, as they have a range of uses across all ranges. Some pistols are for closer ranges, have high fire-rate caps and good hipfire, whilst others are for long range, have slow fire-rates and deal high damage at distance.
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What is the weakest gun in Fortnite?

Fortnite Battle Royale: Worst Guns
  • Common Pistol. With little to no accuracy for the target, the common pistol is considered one of the weakest guns in Fortnite Battle Royale. ...
  • Revolver. ...
  • Gray/Common Burst Assault Rifle. ...
  • Hand Cannon. ...
  • Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle.
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What is the strongest gun in Fortnite?

Best Fortnite Weapons
  • Striker Burst Rifle.
  • Auto Shotgun.
  • Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle.
  • Stinger SMG.
  • Ranger Assault Rifle.
  • Sidearm Pistol.
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Fortnite: RANKING ALL WEAPONS from lowest to highest damage per second (DPS)

What is the rarest skin in Fortnite?

Aerial Assault Trooper

Not as many people own or remember Aerial Assault Trooper, so it's definitely the rarest Fortnite skin.
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What is the best skin in Fortnite?

According to our readers, it looks like Midas is the best skin in Fortnite right now. You do get some fluctuation on the list, with Elite Agent, Drift, Lynx, and Catalyst all jockeying for the top position, but it looks like the man with the golden touch is occupying the spot at the moment.
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Is purple or gold better in Fortnite?

Epic or Purple is the second best rarity. No Basic forms can be found in Purple - they are upgraded. Semi-Autos and Heavy Shotguns can be found purple onwards. Legendary or Gold is the best tier.
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What is the ugliest skin in Fortnite?

Bendie. The Bendie outfit was released back in Chapter 1 Season 7, and it still stands as one of the least liked skins in Fortnite. Fans still consider the Bendie and Twistie outfits to be one of the ugliest skins ever released in Fortnite.
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What is the best girl skin in Fortnite?

Best female skins in Fortnite
  • Tricera Ops.
  • Valkyrie.
  • Calamity.
  • Fate.
  • Brite Bomber.
  • Dusk.
  • Whiteout.
  • Red Knight.
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What is the cutest skin in Fortnite?

The 10 Cutest Skins in Fortnite
  • Bush Ranger.
  • Cuddle Team Leader Skin. ...
  • Monks Skin. ...
  • Wooly Warrior Skin. ...
  • Guff Skin. ...
  • Meowscles Skin. ...
  • Axo Skin. ...
  • Bunny Brawler Skin. This is quite an old skin as she was first added to the game in Chapter 1, Season 3 during Easter. ...
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What is the most OG pickaxe in Fortnite?

The Raider's Revenge from Chapter 1 Season 1 is arguably the oldest and rarest pickaxe in Fortnite. In addition, it has an outstanding design that matches well with a ton of characters and cosmetics. However, Raider's Revenge is a Battle Pass cosmetic that will never return to the Item Shop.
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Is Rust Lord rare?

Rust Lord

It isn't as rare as some other Battle Pass exclusive skins, but you don't see it all the time in the game.
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Is Blue Team Leader rare?

Blue Team Leader is a Rare Outfit in Battle Royale that could be claimed by PlayStation Plus subscribers as a part of the PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack from the PlayStation Store [1].
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Where is the best weapon in Fortnite?

So, how do you find Fortnite weapons? They tend to be concentrated in built-up areas, but they are not the only places they can be found. Smaller buildings and areas will have loot. The best Fortnite weapons tend to be those with a long range – snipers and scoped assault rifles, mostly.
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Are primal weapons better in Fortnite?

Generally speaking, Primal weapons offer much more damage output and do have a better fire rate.
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Is the triple take good?

The Triple Take, being a marksman rifle, should be good at range. That's true ⁠— it is serviceable, but compared to the G7 Scout, it's worse at taking long-range engagements. However, it's the best at taking fights up close because of the way it works.
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Did the Mk get vaulted?

Moving into the current meta, the MK-Seven has been vaulted and the options for assault rifles range from Thermal Assault rifle to Striker Burst rifle.
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What was the first gun on Fortnite?

The Bolt-Action Sniper rifle was one of the first weapons in Fortnite Battle Royale, and snipers became comfortable with the weapon. Epic took it away in exchange for the Silenced Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle.
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How hard is it to win Fortnite?

Winning a solo game of Fortnite can be difficult. Fortnite is a battle royale game, so 100 players will be going against each other to try and get the victory royale. Some may say the chances of winning a solo game of Fortnite is 1 in a 100, but it is easier than it sounds.
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What is the skinniest skin in Fortnite?

The Dummy skin is modeled after a yellow crash test dummy. Though this skin looks quite innocent, the devil is in the details. Dummy features the thinnest waist of all the skins in Fortnite.
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