Does Shino like Hinata?

Both Shino and Hinata are on the same team and have a somewhat of a close relationship. It is shown that Hinata isn't shy around Shino which suggests that she's comfortable around him. Hinata admires Shino's hobby of taking care of his bugs, to the point where it makes her want to find a hobby of her own too.
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Does Kiba like Hinata?

The two have a comfortable relationship, and are able to work well as a team. They care for each other, as evidenced by Hinata giving Kiba ointment after being defeated by Naruto and when Kiba was concerned for her health during the Chūnin Exam.
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What episode does Shino fall in front of Hinata?

Friends You Can Count On.
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Who knew that Hinata likes Naruto?

After seeing Hinata get stabbed, Naruto becomes enraged and transforms into the Kyubi, growing six tails and later nine. Sakura realizing Hinata's love for Naruto.
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Does Kiba have a crush on Naruto?

Kiba likes to playfully tease Hinata about her affections for Naruto. This usually includes telling her that Naruto is nearby, or just mentioning her reactions to him to other people, much to her embarrassment. Despite this, they have a very strong friendship.
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Shino in Shock Seeing Hinata / Sakura Touches Tsunade's Chest / Sakura Lost Her Memory [1080p 60FPS]

Who does Shino like?

ShinoHana (シノハナ ShinoHana ) is a term to refer to the romantic relationship between Shino Aburame and Hana Inuzuka.
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Who is Neji's crush?

Neji's first childhood crush seemed to have been Hinata, since he appeared infatuated with her and really willing and happy to protect her, calling her cute. They were occasionally implied to often train together as they are shown fighting side by side during the war.
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Who has a crush on Hinata?

Naruto Uzumaki is the protagonist and love interest of Hinata Hyuga in the Naruto series.
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Is Hinata blind in Naruto?

Byakugan. As a Hyūga, Hinata possesses the Byakugan, a dōjutsu that grants her penetrative vision in a near-360° around herself, with one blind spot at the back of the neck above the first thoracic vertebra.
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In which episode does Naruto fall in love with Hinata?

The answer to this question is episode 166 of Naruto Shippūden. In this episode, Naruto and Hinata finally become a couple. This happens after they both rescue each other from a dangerous situation. Hinata has had a crush on Naruto for a long time, and she is very happy when he finally returns her feelings.
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What episode does Hinata confess?

Naruto and Hinata DID get Together but there is no specific episode when they fell in love with each other. But Yes, there is the episode where they confess to each other. Hinata Confesses her love in Episode 437 of Naruto Shippuden. Rest is not spoiled, That way it'll be better.
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Why did Hinata cut her hair?

The reason is because on ancient Asia (Japan, China, Korea and probably some other Ancient cultures) symbolizes being banished or rejected from there home, Hinata cuts her hair short because of the reason on how she has been rejected from her father Hiashi Hyuga.
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What season does Hinata go blind?

"The Heart's Eye" (心の目, Kokoro no Me) is episode 306 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.
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Who is Kiba girlfriend?

The Couple

KibaTama (キバタマ KibaTama) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Kiba Inuzuka and Tamaki.
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Did Kiba have a kid?

Though Kiba has no children of his own, his dogs might be bonding with his cousins or any children his sister might have had.
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Who is Kiba's best friend?

  • Akamaru. Faithful dog companion to Kiba Inuzuka. ...
  • Asuma Sarutobi. A Jounin from The Hidden Leaf Village. ...
  • Choji Akimichi. A member of the Akimichi clan. ...
  • Hinata Hyuga. A member of the main family of the Hyuga clan. ...
  • Ino Yamanaka. A member of the Yamanaka clan. ...
  • Kakashi Hatake. ...
  • Kurenai Yuhi. ...
  • Might Guy.
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Who is Hinata Shoyo boyfriend?

Haikyu!! KageHina is the slash ship between Tobio Kageyama and Shōyō Hinata from the Haikyu!! fandom.
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Are Byakugan users blind?

The Byakugan's near 360º field of vision and its blind spot. Individuals with a Byakugan have a near-360º field of vision around themselves, save for a small blindspot at the back of the neck above the first thoracic vertebra.
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Is Hinata Hyuga a princess?

She's called the Byakugan Princess in reference to her original position as the heir to the Hyuga clan. Hinata also has the title of Legendary Queen Of Gluttony.
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Who is Naruto first kiss?

His first real Kiss was with Hinata and so far that was her first Kiss too.
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Who is older Naruto or Hinata?

During the 4th SWW, Naruto is 17 and Hinata is 16. So at present, they're 32 and 31 respectively. Boruto's age is revealed to be 12. There's a confirmed two year age difference between Himawari and Boruto.
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Who has a crush on Sakura?

Naruto has a massive crush on Sakura, knowing full well she only has eyes for Sasuke.
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Who will Neji marry?

Neji would have married Hinata to keep the balance of power within the Hyuga.
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Is Hinata Neji's cousin?

Cousins, Neji and Hinata are members of separate houses of the Hyūga clan, which Neji resents. He ridicules Hinata for being weak and thus undeserving of her superior standing within their family and tells her to give up.
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Who is Rock Lee crush?

It is revealed that Lee's crush remains on Sakura. In their mission of the kazekage rescue, when Team Guy was fighting their clones, it was revealed that Lee thought of Sakura and how strong she has now become and finally realized the secret to defeating their clones.
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