Does Denmark speak English?

Denmark has one official language: Danish. However, there are several minority languages spoken throughout the territory, if you include The Faeroe Islands and Greenland. Danes are taught English from a very young age and 86% of all Danes speak English as a second language.
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Is English widely spoken in Denmark?

Danish is the language you will hear the most in Denmark. However, English is also very prominent - 86% of Danes speak English as a second language.
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Can you live in Denmark speaking only English?

You can work, live and study in Denmark without learning Danish. I know a number of British, American and French people that have lived here years without learning the language. There are companies who use English as their first language, and a few who will allow you to work in a Danish speaking office without Danish.
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Does English work in Denmark?

Work In Denmark is relatively easy for foreigners looking to immigrate to Denmark. The Danish language, which English follows, is widely spoken in the workforce. A good work-life balance is essential to the Danes, so it comes as no surprise that the nation is often voted one of the best places to live.
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Is Denmark a good place to live?

Denmark has been named the world's best country to live in for both business and life by CEOWORLD magazine. Denmark wins for its healthcare services, clean environment and affordable housing and living costs.
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Danish People

Can I move to Denmark without a job?

Q: Can I move to Denmark without a job? If you want to stay in Denmark for longer than 3 months, you'll need to meet the requirements for a residence certificate, which means you do eventually need to get a job. It is possible to spend a little longer looking for a job if you're marrying a Dane or studying in Denmark.
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Is Denmark expensive?

Denmark has been ranked fifth on a list of the most expensive countries in the world for living costs in 2020. It is often touted as one of the world's most expensive nations, and Denmark's placing on a 2020 index for the cost of living in countries around the world appears to reflect that.
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Can I get a job in Denmark without speaking Danish?

“Almost all jobs require fluent Danish or one of the Scandinavian languages, and, of course English. Even if you are good enough for the job, the company will always consider the Danish-speaking candidates first,” Chen wrote.
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Is it always cold in Denmark?

Average winter temperatures in Denmark hover just above freezing. The sun usually sets by the early afternoon, and it's cold all day. The country's small islands can be slightly warmer but are generally windy. There are often brief cold periods in which temperatures drop below freezing for several days at a time.
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Why do Danes speak English so well?

English is taught in Scandinavian schools from a young age. As soon as children have mastered reading and writing their native tongue, English is introduced.
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Is it hard to learn Danish?

Is Danish really as difficult as its reputation suggests? According to The Foreign Service Institute, the Danish language is a “category 1” in terms of the amount of time needed to learn it. It is not generally harder than languages like German, French or English.
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Do Danish like the English?

Danes love English

So, English is everywhere in Denmark. And Danes love English. When you come to Denmark, you'll find that shops and youth programs and rock bands have English names because the Danes think it sounds cool.
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Is Denmark safe?

Generally speaking, Denmark is considered an extremely safe country to visit. It is a country with almost no risk of natural disasters and unlike most other European countries, the crime rates in Denmark are average and common sense should keep you out of any trouble.
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Does Denmark snow?

Snowfalls occur from November to the first half of April. In one year, there are 20/25 days with snow. Even in winter, the ground can be snow-free for long periods, as is also the case in southern Sweden and on the Norwegian west coast.
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Does Denmark have 4 seasons?

The weather in Denmark consists of 4 seasons, even though some may think it is only 2 sometimes with winter running late into Springtime and Summer can sometimes feel like winter has come early.
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Why Denmark is so rich?

Denmark supports a high standard of living—its per capita gross national product is among the highest in the world—with well-developed social services. The economy is based primarily on service industries, trade, and manufacturing; only a tiny percentage of the population is engaged in agriculture and fishing.
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What is Denmark's minimum wage?

No law in Denmark mandates minimum wage. The minimum wage is decided through collective bargaining agreements in each sector. The most common minimum wage across all sectors is 110 DKK per hour.
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Is IT easy to live in Denmark?

Denmark has a relaxed and enjoyable pace of life. It's a country which takes great care of it's residents and provides a strong work-life balance. A relocation to Denmark requires planning, but is sure to be well worth it.
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How long is winter in Denmark?

The winter season is usually from October until April, with the peak being December to February. During that time of year, you're more likely to experience cold temperatures and therefore snowfall. The average winter temperatures are around 0°C (32°F), meaning they hover above freezing.
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Is Denmark healthcare free?

Denmark provides “free” health care to all residents, funded through taxes. There is an optional private health care sector, but it is tiny compared with the vastly larger public system that is used by most of the population.
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Is education free in Denmark?

Education is free for Danish students and those from the EU, but for international students, there are a range of scholarships and grants available to help with tuition fee costs. Danish students are entitled to public support for their living costs whilst at university.
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How is life in Denmark?

Denmark is a safe and secure country with a very low crime rate. In addition to this, Denmark is one of the least corrupt countries in the world. There are high levels of social trust in Denmark, meaning Danes trust their government and each other.
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What are the pros and cons of living in Denmark?

Cost of living in Denmark
  • - CON: Everything is expensive. ...
  • + PRO: High taxes cover essential services and subsidise others. ...
  • - CON: Unfurnished in Denmark means completely bare. ...
  • + PRO: Healthcare is world-class, affordable and accessible. ...
  • + PRO: Public transport is efficient and extensive.
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Can you smoke in Denmark?

Denmark has a smoking ban in all public indoor areas along with most other western European countries. In Copenhagen, smoking is forbidden in public buildings and private businesses - including restaurants, shops, transport, entertainment venues, workplaces etc.
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