Do deaths in pregame lobby count?

Should you die, you'll drop back into the lobby (with an entirely new loadout in the Battle Royale lobby), allowing you to experiment and use a variety of weapons before the match begins, and your death actually matters.
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Do kills in pregame lobby count?

While participating in the in-game lobby, kills give you Experience (XP) for your player and for the weapons that you are currently using. Kills also count towards completing in-game Reticle Challenges and Camo Challenges.
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Do pregame kills count Warzone?

PSA: Kills in the Pregame lobby DO NOT count towards your camo's : r/Warzone.
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Can you unlock Welgun in pregame lobby?

The Welgun submachine gun can be unlocked with an in-game challenge as part of the season 1.5 update. The challenge is available in-game as of Jan. 13, so it can be unlocked and used by all players in Vanguard from then on. Once it's unlocked in Vanguard, it can be used in Warzone as well.
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Can you level up guns in pregame lobby?

Easy Weapon Level Up With Warzone Pre-Game Lobby Glitch

A new post on the Warzone subreddit shows a pre-match lobby glitch where everyone spawns on top of each other. This makes it extremely easy to get kills and level up your guns.
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World Record Rebirth Pregame Lobby Kills - Full Warzone Pre-game Lobby (Call of Duty Warzone)

Does pregame lobby affect KD?

Kills also count towards Daily Challenges, as well as for completing in-game Reticle Challenges and Camo Challenges. However, even though you can earn XP and gain progress by playing in this lobby, your actual K/D will not be affected.
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Can you get the Welgun without Vanguard?

If you don't have Vanguard, you'll need to play Plunder matches in Warzone to unlock the Welgun. Note that you must finish the match to earn credit - instead of quitting after you've earned 10 kills.
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Which SMG is the best in Warzone?

MP40. Activision The MP40 is currently the best SMG in Warzone.
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Can I buy the Welgun?

The Welgun can be unlocked for use in Warzone Season 1 by either completing an in-game challenge or buying a Welgun blueprint from the store. The latter will obviously set you back some hard-earned cash, but will save you a lot of time grinding away at the challenge.
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Do you get XP in the pregame lobby?

In the mode where you spawn in with a random loadout, it shows xp when you get a kill.
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Do you get XP in pre game lobby?

As far as you know, it won't be a problem for some lucky players. This is due to a pre-game lobby glitch that gives players insane amounts of weapon XP.
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What does in pregame lobby mean?

The place in online games in which players organize before and between matches.
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Do you get XP in Warzone warm up?

Finally, it's worth noting that any kills and XP you earn in the pre-game lobby will also count towards your weapon's level. Make sure you're making the most of these lobbies to warm up and rack up some sweet weapon XP in the process.
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What does Rapidly mean in Call of Duty?

Rapid Kill Medals are awarded for killing multiple enemies in a certain timeframe. Unlike previous games, the timeframe to achieve these kills is much larger, and each kill extends the time to achieve the next. As with the Killstreak Medals, scorestreak kills do not contribute to this.
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Has the Fennec been nerfed?

Fennec SMG will be nerfed next season for CODM. Players have been complaining about the item since the Akimbo Fennec Combo was interoduced. Along with the Fennec, a few guns are also getting a nerf and buff next season.
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Is the Milano better than the MAC-10?

After several matches using both SMGs, both showcased their respective strengths and weaknesses in a variety of situations. The MAC-10 is by far the better weapon to use when getting up close and personal with the opposition, but when attempting to use it at distance, it falls short where the Milano 821 excels.
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Which AR has the fastest TTK in Warzone?


What is this? According to TrueGameData analysis, the AMAX is still the king of Warzone, with the fastest Assault Rifle TTK of 0.7s or lower at 36 meters. Even from 100 meters away, the gun still keeps its Time-To-Kill below a second, making it the undisputed best AR in the game.
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What gun kills the fastest in Warzone?

Call of Duty: Warzone's fastest TTK (Time-to-Kill) Assault Rifle is actually a Black Ops Cold War weapon that nobody is using, and it might be time to bring it back.
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What's the best Welgun loadout?

Best Welgun loadout in Warzone
  • Muzzle: Recoil Booster.
  • Barrel: 120mm Gawain Short.
  • Optic: Slate Reflector.
  • Stock: Removed Stock.
  • Underbarrel: M1941 Hand Stop.
  • Magazine: 7.62 Gorenko 40 Round Mags.
  • Ammo Type: Lengthened.
  • Rear Grip: Polymer Grip.
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Is the Welgun good?

With the right attachments, the Welgun is a fantastic option for Warzone. It boasts one of the fastest time-to-kill stats in its class and a similar fire rate to Black Ops Cold War's LC10 and Vanguard's MP40.
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Are bot lobbies real Warzone?

A “bot lobby” is primarily composed of players ranked lower by the SBMM system. The advent of SBMM means that an experienced player can play with newbies (or just bad players) if they strategize around lowering their SBMM rating.
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Why are my Warzone lobbies so hard?

As Warzone has become infested with hackers, this has led many casual players to put down the game. Therefore, only the hardcore players are left. In turn, this leads to Warzone SBMM matchmaking players into more difficult lobbies as there are way fewer low-skilled players in the game right now.
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